Goth Up For Sophie Lancaster

Goth Up For Sophie Lancaster

Illamasqua embrace ‘different’ like no other brand…

‘You Are Beauty’ defines our philosophy.

It’s our statement of intent that everyone should feel confident expressing their individuality in an open and tolerant society.

Ten years ago, in August 2007, 20-year-old Sophie Lancaster & her boyfriend were brutally attacked – for nothing more than looking different. Sophie later died from her injuries.

Set up in her memory, over the past decade Illamasqua has proudly supported The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Primarily working with schools, the Foundations seek to educate a more tolerant and broad-minded generation of young people, stamping out intolerance and discrimination.

The Foundation successfully lobbied Bolton council who extended their definition of hate crimes to include lifestyle and dress-code following Sophie’s death. This led to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) being the first Police Authority to record and monitor hate crimes and incidents against people from Alternative Subcultures in April 2013 – a third of UK Police Authorities have now joined and the foundation are working hard to increase this number.

Sophie’s attack was recently portrayed on BBC Three’s short film “Murdered for Being Different” for the 10th anniversary of her death.

Embrace different and show your support.

Illamasqua have named both their iconic black Colouring Eye Pencil and golden coral Powder Blusher, Sophie.

£3 of every purchase of the Eye Pencil (RRP £16.00) and £1 of every purchase of the Blusher (RRP £23.00) will go to the Foundation.

Join Illamasqua on the 10th anniversary of Sophie Lancaster’s death and “Goth up” in memory of Sophie between 10th-24th August.
Create your goth look & share with us @Illamasqua #GothUpForSophie #Illamasqua


Illamasqua is proud to support The SophieLancaster Foundation, a chairty founded by Sophie’s mother Sylvia LAncaster to help stamp out prejudice, hatred, & intolerance everywhere. Find out more: 


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